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Working Principle and Rolling Process

2-roll steel bending machine

bending steel plate


Two roller steel bending machine is mainly used for rolling cylindrical workpieces, carbon steel 0.3-4.0MM, stainless steel 0.3-2.5MM.It is also called plate bending machine of two rollers.One of the rollers is a steel roller, and the other roller is a steel roller core with an outer elastic layer. The process principle is as follows: the plate is placed between two rollers to make contact—pressing is forced by the steel roller—the lower roller elastic layer is concave The shape causes the steel plate to bend - driving the two rollers to rotate, allowing the sheet to be continuously rolled and formed.

W10 two roller steel bending machine does not need to perform pre-bending and other processes in advance, and the sheet material can be processed and formed at one time.


The roll system is fast, one time molding, precision without leaving straight edge, the rolling process of the workpiece to ensure that in the 0.5MM range.For all kinds of sheet metal (iron, aluminum, stainless steel plate) rolled into a cylindrical, thickness of up to 3.5mm, rolling parts roundness precision.

Steel bending machine(2 roller steel plate rolling machine) is controlled by PLC, it is easy to operate, reliable, high efficiency, and can be widely used in motorcycle, automobile manufacturing, mechanical and electrical, solar energy and other fields.The equipment can choose automatic feeding or manual feeding.


After-Sale Service:

The warranty time for CSM two roller plate rolling machine is one year.
Within the warranty time, we will reply within 24 hours if there is any big failure.
Our company can provide free service for repair and maintenance for this plate bending machine during the warranty time.
Any spare part for clients' rolling machine is available in our company. The changed parts' warranty will be from the date when they are changed. 




In order to keep two roller plate rolling machine dry, the talcum powder could be sprinkled on the rubber roller.
The regular lubrication work is necessary for the lubrication parts of this plate bending machine.
The oil on the plate must be rubbed off.



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