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Working Principle and Rolling Process
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2-roll rolling machine automatic production line

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For the large cylinder coil, the two roll plate bending machine breaks the routine from above to remove the workpiece, the workpiece bending machine is a hydraulic lifting raceway directly below the slide out. The two roller bending machine to take convenient and easy. Is a large class (weight) ideal for rolling workpiece. Two roll CNC hydraulic automatic rolling machine, completely changed the three roller rolling method, pre bending, and to avoid roll round, round straightening process, convenient operation, no approximate straight edge, forming a high efficiency.

Two roller universal production line(2 roller steel plate rolling machine) has a pair of horizontal rollers, a pair or two opposite roller frame.

 Main features of the two roller plate rolling machine:

  • Rolling accuracy is the highest in all current plate rolling machine, and there are no straight edges in the joints;
  • All kinds of openings, mirrors, plating and other sheet materials can be processed without damage;
  • Once the material is formed on the machine, no pre-bending is required, saving a lot of time for other processes;
  • LCD touch screen display, one-button operation, no experience requirements, low labor intensity, no longer worried about the operator quit;
  • Production efficiency is the highest among all coiling machines currently available, and it is an efficient, high-precision, and highly automated coil processing equipment. 

Application of two roller rolling machine automatic production line:

It is widely used in solar water heaters, pressure vessels, gas cylinders, silencers, automotive fuel tanks, food machinery, electrical machinery, fire fighting equipment, hardware appliances and other industries in the production of cylindrical or semi-cylindrical body.

Maintenance :

In order to keep two roller plate rolling machine dry, the talcum powder could be sprinkled on the rubber roller.
The regular lubrication work is necessary for the lubrication parts of this plate bending machine.
The oil on the plate must be rubbed off.

After-Sale Service:

The warranty time for CSM two roller plate rolling machine is one year.
Within the warranty time, we will reply within 24 hours if there is any big failure.
Our company can provide free service for repair and maintenance for this plate bending machine during the warranty time.
Any spare part for clients' rolling machine is available in our company. The changed parts' warranty will be from the date when they are changed. 


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