Section bending machine

Only need to configure a set of mold, saving huge mold fee

No need to buy another mold can be rolled angle, channel, flat steel, square steel, round roll, H-beam.

Section bending machine is divided into two kinds, which are curved flat steel, steel, round steel, angle steel, I steel, H-beam, square, rectangular tube, round pipe and so on. Section benders can be customized according to user requirements of different molds.The three rollers of the Section bending machine are active rollers and have three independent hydraulic motor drives. The coiling speed is fast and the efficiency is high.

Section bending machine

Section bending machine

Uses of Section bending machine

Section bending machine is a kind of general equipment used for bending and deformation of metal sheet profiles, which can be made by means of special moulds or other equipment to finish the curved surface of the profile, and may be rolled round and curved workpiece, which is widely used in the equipment installation and machinery manufacturing industry of petrochemical boiler.

Rerformance characteristics:

  1. Steel base and frame with high rigidity;
  2. Machine have good rigidity, with low center of gracity and smooth running;
  3. With small pressure loss and lower heat comes on;
  4. CNC control, with multifunction and flexible operation.



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