Profile bending machine

Only need to configure a set of mold, saving huge mold fee

No need to buy another mold can be rolled angle, channel, flat steel, square steel, round roll, H-beam.


Profile bending machine

Profile bending machine 

Profile bending machine(angle bending rolls) is the curve down section of the winding machine. This section bending machine(profile roll benders) can be a complete material pre bending and roll profile round and round the school process. The two lower rollers of the machine are mainly driven by three working rollers. The upper roll position is fixed, and two side rollers move around the fixed center of rotation. Machine hydraulic control, liquid crystal display, display precision of 0.1mm, is conducive to the control of the forming process.The two sides are provided with a supporting roller device, which is favorable for ensuring the rolling quality of the unsymmetrical section profile.

The four roller bending machine(Profile bending machine) of advanced structure, full function, is the profile at home and abroad advanced equipment, can be placed vertically or horizontally according to user information.

Rerformance characteristics:

  1. Steel base and frame with high rigidity;
  2. Machine have good rigidity, with low center of gracity and smooth running;
  3. With small pressure loss and lower heat comes on;
  4. CNC control, with multifunction and flexible operation.



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