Angle roller

Only need to configure a set of mold, saving huge mold fee

No need to buy another mold can be rolled angle, channel, flat steel, square steel, round roll, H-beam.

This bending machine only needs one set of assembly mould,can bending angle steel, channel steel, square steel, square steel, flat steel, square tube, l-steel, light rail, H-steel and so on,except bend pipe.

Profile bender of the two rollers of the main transmission roll, can also be three working rolls as the main driving roller, two side roll around the fixed rotary Center for the arc lifting movement, on both sides with a roller device, to ensure that the asymmetrical cross-section of the roll system quality.

section bending machine

section bending machine

Structure of eagle roll bender is advanced, reliable work, small size, full-featured, is currently the domestic advanced profile molding equipment.Profile bender can be configured with advanced general or special-purpose molds, the machine is easy to operate, highly efficient and popular with users.

Working principle of profile roll bender
Profile bender for the straight-line downward ring roller bender, the machine's two-side roller main transmission roll, can also be three work rolls as the main driving roller, the position fixed on the roll, the next roll up clamping workpiece to prevent cross section deformation, two side rollers corresponding to the upper roller to do straight-lift movement, hydraulic control, displacement digital display, is conducive to the control profile forming process, The two sides have numerical control roller and distortion correcting device, which is helpful to guarantee the roll quality and forming double curved workpiece of asymmetrical section profile.

Rerformance characteristics:

  • Standard machine;
  • For same model,the machine can be used used asvertically or horizintally;
  • Three rollers all driving roller;
  • Radial bearings are all roller bearings;
  • Bending rollers can be adjusted by hydraulic;
  • The two bending and running rollers speed is stepless.Guide rollers can be adjusted by hydraulic
  • Small machines use portable operation panel,large machine use a removable control panel.



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