Angle bending machine

Only need to configure a set of mold, saving huge mold fee

No need to buy another mold can be rolled angle, channel, flat steel, square steel, round roll, H-beam.

Angle bending machine

Angle bending machine


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This bending machine only needs one set of assembly mould,can bending angle steel, channel steel, square steel, square steel, flat steel, square tube, l-steel, light rail, H-steel and so on,except bend pipe.

Angle bending rolls has the prebending function of the profile, reducing the waste and reducing the process. When unsymmetrical profile is rolled, the distortion can be avoided by correcting the guide roller device. PLC control can be used to produce batch and efficiency. Angle bender machine is equipped with a mobile operating table to facilitate the operation of the workers.


Angle iron bending machine is a kind of efficient processing equipment for rolling steel,  flat steel, round steel, Fang Gang and other special-shaped steel. Angle roll bending machinecan be a complete material roll round, round the school process, are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electricity, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing industries.

Rerformance characteristics:

  • Standard machine;
  • For same model,the machine can be used used asvertically or horizintally;
  • Three rollers all driving roller;
  • Radial bearings are all roller bearings;
  • Bending rollers can be adjusted by hydraulic;
  • The two bending and running rollers speed is stepless.Guide rollers can be adjusted by hydraulic
  • Small machines use portable operation panel,large machine use a removable control panel.




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