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Cnc four roller plate bending machine is one of the most reliable machine manufacturing. It is a universal machine, can be rolled into the multi arc, O shape, square, round, arc, but also can configure the man-machine dialogue CNC system.Cnc sheet metal bending machines are divided into mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical four roll roll trigger rolling under 6 mm thickness plate, hydraulic four roller plate bending rolls rolling thickness 6-200 - mm thickness of the plank. The output gear of the speed reducer is driven by the upper roller, and the output gear of the speed reducer is engaged with the upper gear. The lower roller makes vertical lifting movement, and the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder is obtained by acting on the piston, so as to clamp the plate for hydraulic transmission. On each side of the machine in the roller is equipped with side roller and along the frame rail, pour exercise through screw nut worm gear and worm or hydraulic transmission.

Advantages of CNC four roller plate bender:

The advantages of the CNC four roller plate bender(plate bender) plate end pre bending and rounding can be carried out on the same device.

Working principle:
The up roller of coiling machine is not mobile rotating power roller. The lower roller can be moved up and down, and is matched with the upper roller clamping plate. The two side roller is obliquely to the mobile, role positioning and plate bending sheet metal forming.



CNC four roller plate rolling machine is with clear interface with simple, convenient and precise operation.
The CNC machine thoroughly solves the problem of only driving the upper roll and the difficulty of rolling thinner stave.
The preliminary bending and rolling of the top ends of the plates can be conducted on the same machine.
Four roller CNC plate bending machine can realize greater declivity of the upper roller and side roller through the change of roller and then roll conical barrel with huger coning.


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