Working principle
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Horizontal adjustable 3-roll plate bending machine

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The Horizontal adjustable steel rolling machine of three rolls with horizontally adjustable lower rolls is ideal for rolling cylindrical, arc and conical parts in energy, transportation, petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, hydropower and metallic structure industries.

Working principle

Horizontal roller bender machine can pre-bend the ends of plate and then roll it to specified shape with one time loading without reversing it. The 3 rolls on horizontal rolling machine are all driving rolls and upper roll and both lower rolls can be hydraulically driven for moving vertically and horizontally respectively. The vertical movement is controlled by computer and displayed on screen with automatic leveling and synchronization accuracy of ±0.2mm. The tilting and resetting of bearing body are hydraulically realized. A balancing mechanism is arranged at tail of upper roll for easily discharging the rolled workpieces and cylindrical parts.


The bender can be pre-bent and can be round. Heavy chassis, low center of gravity, more stable equipment. Three full-roller and three-roller bearings, power feet, not slippery. Adjustable center distance, rolling plate, adjustable thick plate, the center away from the unilateral adjustable cone more convenient.The device can be rolled into a thickness of 1mm-200mm, width 8000mm plate.


Yin and Yang arc bending machine - mostly used for rolling rolled steel plate, common in decoration;
Horizontal adjustable three roller steel rolling machine is commonly used for rolling large diameter circles, such as oil tanks;
Used for rolling small-diameter, thick-walled, long-piped, rollable 21m pipe.

Features of Three Roller Rolling Machine

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The three rollers are driving rollers.
They can prevent skidding while rolling thin steel plates.
Three Roller Rolling Machine is fixed. The two ends of upper roll are controlled by PLC.
The two lower roll can move up and down in arc way around fixed roller.
It can finish pre-bending and rolling by feeding once.
Compared with four roller plate bending machine, the structure of three roller plate rolling machine is compact and multiple.
It is economical and practical for rolling thin and medium plates. Three roller rolling machine is controlled by micro-machine and has digital display.

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