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Middle upper roller universal bending machine

steel rolling machine


Medium roller press machine is CSM professional products.
1. The mechanical roll bender for sale integral structure, the foundation is simple, the movement is convenient。The bending machine adopts an integral chassis, without anchor bolts, the basis is simple, convenient mobile workplace.
2. The shape of the curved roll formed steel workpiece is abundant. This machine can rolling type O, U, R, auxiliary cones device. Type O bending: the rear bending mode.Type U bending: the forward bending mode. Multi segment R bending: a combination approach
3. The high precision of the end of the pre bending, free to set the straight edge length. Direct pressing and pre bending of the upper roller can finish high precision end pre bending.
4. The technological parameters of the rolling products are NC, the operation is simple, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
5. The roller is in a drum shape, and the lower part of the lower roller is provided with a supporting roller to adjust, continuous bending, and the ideal product can be rolled out from a wide range of thin plate and thick plate.
6. The safety of the operation: On the two bottom rollers fixed, roll up and down, move around, don't over work roll movement of workpiece, the operators safety.