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Hydraulic Four Roller Steel Rolling Machine

hydraulic sheet bending machine

Hydraulic four roller steel rolling machine(hydraulic bending machine) is one of the most reliable machine manufacturing industry. It is a universal machine. ThisHydraulic Rolling Machine can be developed more paragraphs, o-type, square, circular arc, arc, can also configure the man-machine dialogue CNC system, A high degree of automation. Hydraulic bending machine(Hydraulic Rolling Machine) system of 6-200mm plate thickness thickness of four roller bending machine.
The 4 roll plate bender structure is four roller, on the main transmission, through the reducer output gear and the upper roller gear mesh, to provide torque for the roll. The lower roller is used for vertical lifting movement, and the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder is used for obtaining the piston and the clamping plate is used for the hydraulic transmission; The Hydraulic four roller bending machine has the advantages that the pre bending and the winding of the end part of the plate can be carried out on the same equipment.